Welcome to Dauntless.  Located in the heart of Islamorada in the Florida Keys, Dauntless promises to provide a premium charter experience for a variety of needs.  For more information, check out the various sections of our website.

Meet the Captain

Captain Jim Hendrix was born and raised in south Florida and began fishing  before he could walk.  When he was 12 years old, Jim started coming down to Bud n’ Mary’s Marina and began learning the tricks of the trade in the fishing world.  He got his first job with Captain Paul Ross on the Relentless when he was 17 years old, and quickly earned his captain license a year later.  He continued working for Captain Paul for 13 years, taking a short interim in between to work for Captain Jimmy David on the L&H in Key Biscayne for 2 years.  Captain Jim experienced various types of fishing and techniques as he traveled the world during this time.  He has joined numerous tournaments in his fishing career and has been a part of some of the best teams that allowed him to earn a lot of proud titles in his career.

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